Market Movers

In few hours, FED will publish the Minutes of the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee’s last meeting, which took place on 28th April, 2015. In these Minutes, there may be some precious pieces of information about the intentions of FED officials on Rate Hike. FOMC may have decided a possible date for a rise in interest rates. Key indicators influencing the postponement of a tighter monetary policy in US are the Labour Market conditions, which have improved but have shown lack of consistency in the last months, and Inflation. Although this flat rates environment, Inflation in US have not increased consistently enough to justify a unanimous and unconditional hike in interest rates. Let’s hear carefully what FED officials will say this evening, UK time.
Retail Giants are publishing their earnings this week. Today Target will publish its earnings. Tuesday morning (US time), Wal-Mart have published below expectations results, showing weak sales growth. Retail operator are under the radar of many analysts considering the sluggish results in Retail Sales.
Lawsuits and guilty pleas are shaking up the Financial Institutions world. Any further legal settlement for US and UK Banks may lead to increases in volatility, be careful.
$tay Tuned.

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