Week Recap

This week has been moved by important macro-economic data.

Europe, 13th May:

Italy reported a better than expected GDP growth, 0.3% quarterly versus 0.2% exp., ending de facto the recession period. I expected improvements in the Italian economy, considering the increased industrial orders. FTSEMIB, the Italian blue chips Index, after the news reached the maximum intraday of 23401, before settling at 23211, with a 0.46% daily increase.

France reported better than expected GDP growth, 0.6% quarterly versus 0.4% exp. CAC40 went up to its max intraday at 5046, before closing at 4962 with a -0.26%.

Germany, considered as the engine of Eurozone growth, reported results below expectations, quarterly 0.3% versus 0,5 exp. DAX settled down 1.05% at 11351.

As a whole the EUROZONE reported a quarterly growth of 0.4%, and a yearly 1.0%.


US economy seemed to show slowdown the weeks before, reporting a quarterly 0.2% growth while economists expected 1%.  Retail Sales were below expectations, at 0.0% versus 0.2%. In America this indicator is very important due to heavy dependance of US’ growth on retail spending and consumption. Thursday, a good data from the job market woke up the markets, Initial Jobless claims were at 264k versus 275k expected. The news fueled a bullish upward in every major market. DJI rallied up to 1.06%, S&P 500 1.08%, Nasdaq closed at +1.39%.

Weekly performance are:

FTSEMIB, +0.69%, CAC40 -1.90%, DAX -2.24%, FTSE100 -0.98%, IBEX -1.12%, DJI +0.45%, S&P500 +0.31%, Nasdaq +0.89%, NIKKEI +0.57%


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